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Augeard N, Bostick G, Miller J, Walton D, et al. Development of a national pain management competency profile to guide entry-level physiotherapy education in Canada. Can J. Pain. 2022 Jan 11;6(1):1-11.

Sinead Dufour is an Associate Clinical Professor and physiotherapist at the Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster University. Dr. Dufour was co-author in a pan-Canadian initiative to develop a consensus-based list of competencies for physiotherapy education regarding chronic pain management. A group of Canadian university-based and clinical pain educators contributed to two rounds of the modified Delphi design to reach consensus. The resulting competency profile details the competencies required during entry-level physiotherapy training to optimally address patients’ pain management. Such competencies include the development of a therapeutic alliance with the person living with pain, using a person-centered approach, and promoting the autonomy of the person living with pain to foster a partnership in care. Congratulations on this important initiative.

Ongoing Studies
Recruitment Completed
Saliba S, Carter-Ramirez A, Van Andel D, Tessier L, McNeill K, Malabarey O. A Randomized Trial: Can Postpartum Pelvic Floor Education Workshop in a High-Risk Population Improve Pelvic Floor Symptoms

Survey Completed
Clark K, Malabarey O. Canadian Resident Training in FPMRS: A Cross Sectional Survey

Preparing for REB Submission
Clark K, Malabarey O. Local Vaginal Estrogen vs. Hyaluronic Acid Use in Patients Using a Pessary for Pelvic Organ Prolapse

2020-2023 Publication List

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