Member Benefits

As CSPM members, you’ll be part of a professional society whose objectives are:

To disseminate

To disseminate information regarding progress in female pelvic medicine (including prevention, conservative management and pharmaceutical management) and reconstructive surgery

To provide

To provide the opportunity for the exchange of experiences and opinion through discussion, study and publications in this field

To encourage

To encourage original multidisciplinary research in this discipline

To promote

To promote the acquisition of knowledge and improve multidisciplinary clinical training in female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery

CSPM members will:

Join a community of dedicated individuals working toward advancing female pelvic health.

Receive discounted rates for professional development events and CSPM Annual Meetings.

Keep up to date on the existing and emerging issues in the field of pelvic floor medicine and reconstructive surgery.

Have the opportunity to serve on a committee and/or Special Interest Group.

Member Categories

Membership to the Canadian Society for Pelvic Medicine is open to health care workers residing in Canada, who have an interest in Pelvic Floor Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery, focusing on women.

Physician Membership

$ 125
  • Physician Membership is open to any MD (or equivalent).

Non-Physician Membership

$ 85
  • Non-Physician Membership is open to any (PhD, Physiotherapist, Sex Therapist, Nurse or other allied health professionals).

In Training Membership

$ 50
  • In Training Membership is open to any Medical Students, Residents or Training Fellows, who are either currently enrolled in a school of medicine or currently enrolled in a graduate training program or residency program in relation to Pelvic Floor Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery or other related field, and/or research.
  • In Training Membership is also open to graduate students, including those currently enrolled in MSc, PhD, and Post-Doc degrees programs.*

*Verification of your student/resident/fellow status in the form of a letter from your institution/program director is required upon application to the Canadian Society for Pelvic Medicine and shall be provided on letterhead/stationary of your institution to be considered for membership under this category.