The Top 5 Selected Abstracts

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for submitting your abstracts to the annual CSPM meeting.

Unfortunately, we were not able to hold the April 18, 2020 annual CSPM meeting due to COVID-19 restrictions. We recognize the effort put into your research work and we have proceeded with judging the submitted abstracts. Abstracts were anonymized and reviewed by 4 independent reviewers who did not submit an abstract to the meeting: 2 local and 2 external reviewers.

The top 5 abstracts were to be presented at the meeting but now instead have been posted on the CSPM website.

The 5 selected abstracts are in alphabetical order of first author’s surname:

A. Benseler¹, B. Anglim¹, Z.Y. Zhao², C. Walsh³, C.D. McDermott¹
1. Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Toronto, 2. Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, 3. Sidney Liswood Library, Mount Sinai Hospital
Antibiotic Prophylaxis for Urodynamic Testing in Women: a Systematic Review 

*Best abstract*
C. Dumoulin¹, M. Morin², C. Danieli³, L. Cacciari¹, M. Mayrand¹, M. Tousignant², M. Abrahamowicz³
1. Université de Montréal, 2. Université de Sherbrooke, 3. McGill University
Group physiotherapy compared to individual physiotherapy to treat urinary incontinence in older women: A non-inferiority randomized control trial

M. Giroux, S. Funk, R. Bhargava, H. Kamencic and E. Karreman
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Saskatchewan, Regina, SK, Canada
A Randomized Comparison of Hands-on versus Video-based Training Program Designed to Enhance Pelvic Floor Examination in Patients Presenting with Chronic Pelvic Pain 

C. Jolliffe, D. Perruzza, A. Butti, C. McCaffrey, R. C. Kung, L-H. Gagnon, P. E. Lee
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Division on Urogynecology, University of Toronto
Quality and Reliability of Publicly Accessible Information on Laser Treatments for Urinary Incontinence​: What is available to our patients?

R. Zee, A. Clancy, H. Khalil
University of Ottawa, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Division of Urogynecology
Patient Attitudes Towards Pooled Surgical Waitlists in Urogynecology

Congratulations to all! Thank you to the judges.

We hope to see you at our 2021 annual CSPM meeting which has tentatively been rescheduled to April 17, 2021 in Toronto.

Best regards and please keep well,
Patricia E. Lee, MD, CM, LLM, FRCS(C), FACOG (FPMRS) ​
Chair, Organizing Committee, 2020 annual CPSM meeting