New Continence Study from the Canadian Continence Foundation

"The prevalence of urinary incontinence (UI), and lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) increases in association with age. Data from Canada were last obtained in 2008 in the Canadian Urinary Bladder Survey, the first cross-sectional Canada wide epidemiological study to determine prevalence and severity of UI and LUTS in men and women. Despite the high prevalence of IU/LUTS, few people view their symptoms as a problem or burden and fewer still express a felt need for help. In the Leicestershire MRC incontinence study only 2% of respondents reported symptoms which were bothersome and also socially disabling. The majority viewed their synmptoms as a minor inconvenience, althought many more of those over 80 years of age reported bothersome symptoms compared to those aged in their 40s, with 15.3% versus 1.6% respectively reporting felt need. The aim of this study, in a nationally representative sample, was to update current data on the prevalence of UI, examine felt need for care, the extent to which these conditions are felt to be "taboo" and the experience of care, where saught."

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