CSPM MUS Bulletin: Official Response to the June 2020 CMQ rapport d’enquête

CSPM releases this CSPM MUS Bulletin in response to the June 2020 CMQ rapport d’enquête entitled Les complications liées à la mise en place d’une bandelette sous-urétrale. This report is the latest effort by a regulatory body to address complications related to mesh-based surgery for pelvic floor disorders, but is not unique as similar mandates have been previously enacted in Australia, Scotland, Britain, and the US. All of these regulatory efforts are driven by distraught patients who cannot find providers to manage their complications. Within Canada, these patients are also vulnerable to profit driven “experts” in the US that take advantage of their misery and lack of alternatives, while bankrupting provincial service plans. As the premier Canadian organization in the field of pelvic medicine, CSPM has a responsibility to address this care gap. The responsibility is not just to patients, but also to providers that manage these complications, as a failure to provide care for these women, will lead to further restriction on surgical choices. Again, please read CSPM's response HERE.